About Me
Bro. Ayinde Muhammad

I am a 19 year old entrepreneur that hand-makes bowties. I first thought about making bowties at age 14 while during a homeschooled assignment, arts and crafts day. Instead of grabbing colored pencils and paper, or a whole bunch of glue and macaroni, I started a search for fabric.

First Bow Tie

My first bowtie was a silverfish gray tie with lavender, blue, and light blue polka dots that were outlined in black. It was at first a straight tie, but after multiple finger pricks and thumb burns, numerous internet searches that didn’t help at all, and 2-3 hours of adrenaline and excitement, the first bowtie I ever created was brought into the world.

Final Bow Tie

We have added a handkerchief pattern, refined the size of that pattern, re-refined the bowtie pattern, and finally, after a couple months in the laboratory, the bowties you have now are the final products…Flawless Ayinde Bowties

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